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201 About Carl Ulfsson (Chevron Tofta)



He studied in Paris and was literate, which was unusual for a fr 
Sparre av Tofta, Carl Ulfsson (I6402)
202 About Christina Sofia L Nordström, Christina Sofia (I5834)
203 About Clara Johanna Wohlstr Wohlström, Clara Johanna (I55270)
204 About Edvard Adrian Blom

f: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/siuntio/syntyneet_1838-1879_ap/284.htm

Blom, Edvard Adrian (I5786)
205 About Elisabet Gustafsdotter Nordstr Lindqvist, Elisabet (Lisa) Gustafsdotter (I55288)
206 About Emilia Sofia Blom


Blom, Emilia Sofia (I5787)
207 About Erik Erland Nordstr Nordström, Erik Erland (I47867)
208 About Erik Hansson


Erik Hansson (I6068)
209 About Erik Johan Nordstr Nordström, Erik Johan (I5945)
210 About Erik XI "the Lisping and lame" Eriksson of Sweden, King of Sweden


Erik Eriksson, later also called Erik Lisping and lame (for description of Erik Chronicle), born 1216, died February 2, 1250, the Swedish king incapacitated from 1222 to 1229, and then a second phase from 1234 until his death. Only son of King Erik Knutsson.

Eric, who was born after his father's death, was elected king in 1222, after the young Johan Sverker's death. Already in 1216, when Johan Sverkersson elected, the Pope wanted to have the then newborn Erik Swedish monarch; Swedish magnates and nobles, however, preferred John, who at the time was 15 years old, and therefore of legal age to make their own decisions.

Erik was overthrown after the battle of Olustra in 1229 after having been a minor king in seven years. Sweden had during that time been governed by a council, and it was this advice which Knut Holmgersson (also called Knut far) took power. In 1234 died Knut Lange and Erik again became king. He then ruled uninterruptedly until his death, in 1250, from Eric's reign descended first Swedish royal coat of arms, which is known from 1224 Weapon image consists of three crowned leopards.

Erik was married to Catherine Sunesdotter of Bj 
Eric XI "läspe och halte" Eriksson Kung av Sverige (I6499)
211 About Erika Gustava Flytstr L, Erika Gustava (I5774)
212 About Erika Sofia Hedberg (ent. L Ahlgren, Erika Sofia (I5836)
213 About Estrid (Margaret) Svendsdatter Of Denmark


Estrid Margarete Svendsdatter (Estrith, Astrith) was a Danish princess, daughter of Sweyn Forkbeard and sister of Cnut.

As the wife of Ulf Jarl [1], she was the mother of Sweyn II of Denmark (Svend Estridsson), and Beorn Estrithson [2]. Ulf was killed in 1026th

She was for a short while Betrothed two Richard II 'le Bon' of Normandy, but this was broken politiska grunner. The primary sources are Contradictory ex the name and some write Robert, others Rick Hard, but it must havebeen Richard II, see below.
Sources and Resources

Medieval Lands
Medieval Lands about Ulf
Wikipedia English
Wikipedia, Swedish

Medieval Lands

King Svend & his second wife Sigrid the Haughty had one child:

4 ESTRID [Margaret] Svendsdatter (-9 May ----, cage Roskilde). Snorre names "Astrid, a daughter of King Svein Forkbeard" as wife of Earl Ulf, specifying That she was "a sister of Canute the Great by the father's side and of the Swedish king Olaf Eirikson by the mother's side, because here mother was Queen Sigrid the Haughty, a daughter of Skoglar Toste "[195]. Morkinskinna names "the lady  
Estrid (Margaret) Svendsdatter Prinsesse af Danmark (I7223)
214 About Eva Charlotta Kervolin (Kerfvelin)

g: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/4sty2e?fi+0084+vihityt+3080

Kervolin (Kerfvelin), Eva Charlotta (I5771)
215 About Eva Kristina Engberg

f: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/3vqcle?fi+0205+kastetut+7369
g: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/3vqch7?fi+0205+vihityt+2704

Engberg, Eva Kristina (I5817)
216 About Eva Kristina Nordstr Saxell, Eva Kristina (Eva Stina) (I55286)
217 About Fredrik Viktor L L, Fredrik Viktor (I5828)
218 About Gabriel August L L, Gabriel August (I5687)
219 About Gustaf Fredrik L L, Gustaf Fredrik (I5822)
220 About Hans van Kampen

van Kampen, Hans (I6772)
221 About Henrik Edvard Blom

f: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=5693003 -- skr 
Blom, Henrik Edvard (I5785)
222 About Henrik Johan Gustafsson Lindqvist

Lindqvist, Henrik Johan Gustafsson (I5954)
223 About Henrik Johansson

f: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/5h5mey?en+0170+kastetut+1311

Henrik Johansson (I6005)
224 About Henrik Ragvaldsson Ragvaldsson, Sjundby

"When the so-called. Sjundby of the genus genus held sjundby 12 bar, that is, half of the village, was Nils Jesperinpojan rayon so as great. It means that the rayon is divided into 1400's, the same value heirs States. Same also shows that, Nils Jesperinpoika, Henrik Ragvaldinpoika (Sjundby related) each owned Raaseporin district judge Ragvaldinpojalta Bj 
Henrik Ragvaldsson (I6300)
225 About Henrik Viktor Nordstr Nordström, Henrik Viktor (I5865)
226 About Herman Glotzow Kyle


Herman immigrated to Sweden from Ruegen around 1350 Formerly K 
Kyle, Herman Glotzow (I6273)
227 About Herman Poitz

Herman arrived from Pomerania. He was living in 1463 (according to old genealogical tables). -------------------- Creutz

The family of origin

The old nobility. King Erik XIV renewed the nobility v. 1569. Introduced to the Swedish House of Nobility years. 1,625 number 96 for both the family surviving male members were given a free lord of the value 06/05/1654 and was introduced to number 48 Creutz vapaaherrallinen family still lives in Sweden, and one branch of the family still lives in the Netherlands. Councillor, Baron Johan Creutz, who was 12/31/1719 Count's title, descended from the still living family of the count Creutz, which was introduced in Sweden and number 68 at Finnish House of Nobility years. 1,818 the number 1.

Medieval families Creutz, Poitz and sciences, who lived in the same parish, and were closely related, probably Poitz and Creutz father's side of the same strain lineages, seem to have inherited from each other aateliskirjat and symbols.

Herman Poitz (I6289)
228 About Ida Wilhelmina Blom (Westerling)

f: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/inkoo/syntyneet_1842-1875_es151/429.htm
Westerling, Ida Wilhelmina (I5789)
229 About Iliana  (b, Iliana (I7179)
230 About J Teit, J (I6996)
231 About Jakob Johan Enqvist


Enqvist, Jakob Johan (I6038)
232 About Jakob Karlsson skoo nob. H Skoo (Hästesko-Fortuna), Ryttmästare Jakob Karlsson (I6593)
233 About Johan Alfred Lindstr Lindstr, Johan Alfred (I5831)
234 About Johan Bengtsson Hammarstierna

Johan Bengtsson Hammarstierna, to Sjöskog and Gräsa. Fänrik at the Viborg County Cavalry Regiment 1634. Introd. 1642-02-15 with Johan Markusson's weapon and the name Hammarstierna under number 278, "because he had old letters on salvation". Was Lieutenant 1649-06-00, when he was issued, to Germany. Attended 1671 among the nobility of the Helsinki provincial meeting. Died 1680-03-02 and buried in Espoo church, where his arms were set up. - His married is unknown [Rf].


Johan Benktsson, Adlad Hammarstjerna (Table II). Egde Sjöskog in Helsinge and Gräsa in Espoo parish. Fänrik at the county of Viborg County Registry 1634 (4). Admit 1642 "because he had old letters on salvation. Was Lieutenant 1649/6, when he was issued to Germany. Attended 1671 among the nobility of the Helsinki provincial meeting; - † 1680 2/3, buried in Espoo church 
Hammarstierna, Kaplenlöjtnant Johan Bengtsson (I14503)
235 About Johan Grelsson


Johan Grelsson (I6009)
236 About Johan Kaspersson Lunderberg

Ylioppilasmatrikkeli 1640-1852 Personal: sl. 1691 Johan Lunderberg John Caspari, Nylandus about 1674. 3779. * Vht: Rail Leila rusthollari Abrahamsson von Kasper Lund (1715 ?) and Brita J 
Lunderberg (von Lund), Johan Kaspersson (I6646)
237 About Johan Lindstr Lindstr, Johan Henriksson (I5829)
238 About Johannes Nordstr Nordström, Johannes (I5951)
239 About Karl Amandus Lindqvist


Lindqvist, Karl Amandus (I5956)
240 About Karl August Flytstr Flytstr, Karl August (I5784)
241 About Karl August L L, Karl August (I5821)
242 About Karl Axel Nordstr Nordström, Karl Axel (I5864)
243 About Karl Gustaf L L, Karl Gustaf (I5686)
244 About Karl Magnusson Sture

Sture (Sj 
Sture, Karl Magnusson (I7077)
245 About Karl Viktor Blom


Blom, Karl Viktor (I5788)
246 About Kettil Nils Andersson (Vaasa)


resident Fr 
Vasa, Nils Kettilsson (I6559)
247 About Lovisa Johansdotter B Lovisa Johansdotter (I55272)
248 About M Lindbäck, Märta Lovisa Andersdotter (I5955)
249 About Maria Abrahamsdotter

f: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/3nucod?fi+0205+kastetut+827
g: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/3nuctm?fi+0205+vihityt+639
http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/kirkkonummi/rippikirja_1813-1819_es199/272.htm -- s. vuosi muuttunut
d: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/4p7vxm?fi+0205+haudatut+7953

Maria Abrahamsdotter (I5691)
250 About Maria Abrahamsdotter

f: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/5h5mey?en+0170+kastetut+1342
g: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/5h5mey?en+0170+vihityt+651

Maria Abrahamsdotter (I6006)

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