Vrouwelijk ca. 846 - ca. 888  (~ 42 jaar)



Ethelswith's ring

Another ring belonging to Ethelwulf's daughter, Ethelswith, was ploughed up in a field between Aberford and Sherburn in the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1870. It was said to have been attached by the farmer who found it to the collar of his dog but was later purchased by a York jeweller. Ethelswith was was born circa 846 of Wantage, Berkshire, she married to King Burgred of Mercia in 853 or 854 and died at Pavia while on pilgrimage to Rome in 888.

The ring, which is about 26 mm in diameter, has a circular bezel, inlaid with niello, with an image of the Lamb of God and the letters A and D (Agnus Dei, or Lamb of God). Engraved on the back are the words 'Eadelsvid Regina'. In common with the Ethelwulf ring, it signifies a royal gift or symbol of office, not a royal possession.

On display at the British Museum.

BestandsnaamEthelswiths ring.jpg
Dimensies262 x 281
Verbonden metÆthelswith